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"The biggest disease is not leprosy or tuberculosis, But rather the feeling of being unwanted."
- Blessed Mother Theresa



Why be Hospitable?
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Embracing Change



    If your parish welcoming effort is ultimately left in the hands of the pastor, staff or a small group of parishioners, the impact of your effort will be severely limited.  Ideally, your parish welcoming committee will comprise all of your parishioners.  While it is nice when the greeter and/or Mass celebrant welcomes new people, what makes the greatest impact is when the person next to the newcomer in the pew reaches out and says, "Welcome!  Glad you're here.  Please come back."
    Creating a welcoming culture in your parish is a process, not an event.  One of the ways to jump start this process is through a parish mission.  Dr. Richard McCorry, founder of the Center for Parish Hospitality and author of the books Dancing with Change and Company's Coming, will conduct a three day parish mission with your parishioners.  Since there is no one size fits all welcoming program, these missions will be custom designed by you and Dr. McCorry around the particular needs of your community.  A typical mission might be designed as follows:

Day 1 - Getting in touch with God generosity toward us.
Day 2 - To show through Scripture and our rich tradition how welcoming the stranger amongst us is a way of demonstrating our gratitude to God for the many blessings in our lives.
Day 3 - To instruct in the ways of being hospitable to newcomers in our parishes.

For missions beginning on Sunday evening, Dr. McCorry would be available to offer reflections during the weekend Masses at no extra cost to you.  These reflections are designed to reach the largest possible audience to generate interest in attending the parish mission as well as to encourage parishioners to become more welcoming.



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