Individual Interviews by Telephone

"The biggest disease is not leprosy or tuberculosis, But rather the feeling of being unwanted."
- Blessed Mother Theresa



Why be Hospitable?
The Process in Brief

New Evangelization


Dr. McCorry's Background


Embracing Change



The parish will provide the Center with the names and phone numbers of five active parishioners who would be willing to answer question in a fifteen minute telephone interview.  There are several reasons for conducting this phone survey. The first reason was as a consistency check on the results of the parish written survey. Also, to determine the extent to which catechesis relative to welcoming the stranger might be needed in the parish community. Additionally, to elicit suggestions for how the parish could become a more welcoming community. Finally, like the surveys, it was also hoped that we could get a glimpse of Godís will for this parish in terms of welcoming the newcomer, since one of the ways God speaks is through the community of believers.

Click here for an example of the telephone interview report


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