New Evangelization

"The biggest disease is not leprosy or tuberculosis, But rather the feeling of being unwanted."
- Blessed Mother Theresa



Why be Hospitable?
The Process in Brief

New Evangelization


Dr. McCorry's Background


Embracing Change




Every pope since Paul VI (except for the short pontificate of John Paul 1) have written about the need for "New Evangelization."  This is the call to re-evangelize those people who have previously heard the message of Christ but for a variety of reasons have grown lack luster in the practice of their faith.  In June, 2010 Pope Benedict established the Pontifical Council for Promoting New Evangelization, and commissioned them with the task of re-evangelizing traditionally Christian countries. In 2012 the "new evangelization" was the theme of the world Synod of Bishops.  In the Synod's closing document the Bishop's wrote, “We must form welcoming communities in which all outcasts find a home, concrete experiences of communion which attract the disenchanted glance of contemporary humanity with the ardent force of love.” The most basic element of this new evangelization is certainly creating more welcoming communities.




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